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As an aspiring author or entrepreneur (or both), sure you want to make a difference, you want your message to change lives and all that good stuff, but…


To make any kind of impact, to last longer than a minute, to make enough money to actually live a good life and to be seen, loved and trusted by anyone other than your friends and family, you need a


A platform is simply a digital stage that houses you, your offerings, your brilliance. And without it, you blend in and disappear. Without it, your work can’t reach anyone. Without it, you don’t make a dime and have to (gasp!) settle for some other kind of work that makes you dread Mondays.


I’m guessing by now you’ve signed up for hundreds of email lists from hundreds of “gurus.” And a lot of the advice is well-intended…and wrong. I’m guessing that right now, time and money MATTER. So let’s cut through the B.S., get down to what really works, and get you the results you need!

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“After I spent years writing my book and self-publishing, I had no idea how to market the book and connect with readers. A friend recommended Juliet’s programs. By taking Authorprenuer and Launch Like A Pro, I’ve learned the skills to get me out in the public eye as an author, a speaker and an expert in my field. I have even learned some of the high tech internet marketing skills needed to thrive in today’s market. Juliet is very personable and takes the time to guide you through each facet of marketing.” Sarina Brown #1 Bestselling Author of FortyTeen


#1 Bestselling Author of FortyTeen

I had a very clear vision for the photo book I wanted to create featuring dolphin and whale images captured from my paddle board.  Juliet and her team helped me to turn that vision into reality. It was a big project but they were extremely patient and professional.

I cried tears of joy when I first held the finished book in my hands! The book is being sold online and in many local stores and has it propelled my ocean cause into the spotlight.

Thank you, Juliet!


Rich German

Author of Blue Laguna