Discover the proven process to set your platform up and have it work to build your audience and sell books!

You already have your platform in place and it just isn’t resonating… with anyone?

So you start to think “maybe it’s my website.” 

Or “perhaps I should try a different social media platform”…

Or even “why does this work for everyone else, but ME?”

Deep breath.

There is a more conscious way to build a long- term organic audience who will buy your books, products, and services. Isn’t that what you really thought your book would do for you? 

This proven strategy is a step-by-step platform build that will build your book brand, engage in your social media, build a website that is the hub of your movement, and create an audience who loves every piece of content you produce.

Have You Ever Wanted To…

  • Cut through the noise and increase your brand visibility in a big way? 
  • Add hundreds of people to your email list monthly? 
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry
  • Feel confident in your ability to effectively market your book
  • Recoup your publishing costs and make money without having to sell, sell, sell? 
  • Create a profitable (and predictable) book and business? 

And do it in a way that feels good to you? 

If so, you need a strategy that give you more online visibility because books are sold on the Internet! 

So, if you are scratching your head right now and thinking, “but I keep investing in tele-summits, won’t that tell me how to do this?” 

The answer is NO! 

Authorpreneuer is a step-by-step proven process to setting up your platform and learning how to create great content, that will get you noticed on social media and create a massive list build. 

Amazon’s rules have changed recently and you need to be able to launch with a list of engaged, focused followers who LOVE every piece of content you put in front of them!

Wait, what did you just say? 

You heard me. 

The rules have changed and most of the information you grab off the Internet about building a platform has become obsolete.


  • Because Amazon scans social media to see if your reviewers are your friends. If they are… Amazon hits the delete button. 
  • If you offer incentives (gift cards, free services) on your lead page…no longer allowed.
  • Most authors SPAM… everywhere… buy my book, buy my book… because they haven’t built the relationships and exposure they need to sell books.

But first, let me introduce myself…

I always wanted to write a book. For years, I worked at a traditional publishing company and then at one of the most prestigious advertising firms in the world. When it came time to publish my own book, I thought all of that experience would pay off. Self- publishing was not anything like the traditional publishing world! If anything, self- publishers were making it more difficult because they wanted to make self-publishing obsolete. The whole strategy behind promo was to sell untargeted promotions that they knew would not work! The result… my first book flopped. 

But then... I sat down and thought about how I could use my education and experience from the publishing and advertising world to help authors market themselves and their books. By my third book, I sold over 25,000 books using this process. Even better? I helped some of my friends as well and found my passion helping non-fiction authors build a platform that not only helped them sell books, but also build their businesses. I developed Authorpreneuer 101 from this process and started helping authors all over the world! 

What is Authorpreneur 101?

Authorpreneur 101 is an in-depth, step-by-step process to build your unstoppable platform. It is designed in a way that takes each module and builds a foundation for the next part of your platform. This is a shift in the way that authors have been taught to build their platform in the past! 

If you have been trying to build a platform from pieces of information you’ve found on the Internet and it all seems off- kilter, it’s because there is no order or foundation to any of the information out there. 

This system walks you through the process in a way that builds a solid foundation and helps you sell books in a powerful, consistent way! 

It’s smart.

It’s tactical. 

It’s step-by-step.

Best of all… it’s tested and has proven results. We know all of this works because it is exactly what me and my clients used to sell books. But also, it is exactly what many non-fiction authors have used to gain visibility in a crowded market!

Speaking of system… let me break down all six modules for you, so you know exactly what to expect!

Juliet Clark has always been helpful and generous with her information in all areas. She packs a lot of her publishing skill-set into easy to understand format. No beating around the bush either, just the information you need to get prepped and ready to start the ball rolling towards achieving a high niche specific audience. 

Chris Pemberton 

Module 1

Stepping Into Your Greatness With A Niche Audience

Module 1 is dedicated to finding who your serve and building your ideal reader avatar.


Module 2

How Do You Want To Be Remembered in the World?

Module 2 is designed to take the time to define in detail a branding and marketing strategy which will make you stand out from the competition.


Module 3

Website Wow! Author Sites That Convert

Any designer can put a site up. The key is finding a designer who knows how to build sites that convert. In order to hire one, you need to know what you need on your site and build it so that your readers use the site as the hub of your movement.


Module 4

Building Content With Ease

Building content has both an inner and outer game! Learn how to build content with ease and feel good about what you are producing.


Module 5

Engaging Social Media

Module 5 is all about social media and how to stimulate engagement. Now that you are creating killer content, you need a social media audience to begin building your following.


Module 6

Fabulous Freebies: The First Step in Building An Unstoppable Following

In Module 6 you begin learning the initial steps to building a marketing funnel for your book launch.


I found the Lead Magnet Workshop so very helpful. The step-by-step guidance was informative and made the process much easier. Learning the importance of content and how to mix with human connection, made this a powerful process. I was trying too hard. Knowing that I can relax and be me when creating content is making all of this much more simple and fun! 

Sharon Bech, Author of Colourful Life- It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Extra Bonuses To Create An Even Stronger Presence 

In addition to the six core modules inside of Authorpreneur, you will also get instant access to these amazing tools to help you get organized and be more visible! 

Yearly Promo Planning Guide and Templates you can use to map out your best promotional year yet! 

Gina Hussar’s Lead Magnet Workshop and Templates: Step-by-step guidance to creating amazing lead magnets 

Making Your eBook Interactive: A guide to adding interactive links to your lead magnets and your books to make your reader experience more personalized. 

This Means by the time you are finished with Authorpreneur you will be able to:

  • Identify your ideal reader to be able to attract and connect with the people who need your book. 
  • Brand yourself and your book authentically so your audience knows, likes and trusts you. 
  • Build a website that becomes the hub of your movement and converts. 
  • Create killer content that feeds your ideal readers and has them coming back for more. 
  • Build engaging social media and actually have two- way communication with your readers. 
  • Create lead magnets that provide value and connection to your ideal readers. 

How will I learn all of this and not feel overwhelmed?

Authorpreneur is a self-study, at your own pace training that allows you to deep dive into lessons and begin creating as you go. 

That means the days of waiting for lessons to be released are over! 

Each lesson is packed with actionable training, complete with action guides, exercises, templates, and audio or video to learn from. 

What’s more… you can access this platform from anywhere you have Internet. 

Now picture this…

Connecting with people from all over the world… 

Growing a responsive email list that grows by hundreds of people every month… 

Having a sought after brand and book in your expert space… 

Imagine the unwavering confidence to know that you have an audience who will not only buy your book, but tell others about it! 

Wouldn’t that feel amazing to be able to help the people who need you most? 

To get rid of those feelings of doubt and fear and focus on helping people make their lives better? 

This is not a pipe dream. 

It is the reality of creating an author platform that serves a movement. 

Yes… isn’t that why you wrote your book? 

What if I have questions?

Honestly, we expect you to have questions! 

I mean most of what you will be learning is relatively new to you in this sort of delivery system. 

That is why we offer different levels of support to give you the guidance you need and help you get through the rough patches and obstacles. 

You can choose: 

Authorpreneur 101: same modules with one-on-one coaching and a FB community 


Authorpreneur Mastermind: Take advantage of a monthly call with authors of all skill levels building their platforms and helping each other (Click here to Learn More)

Wait… It gets better! 

Check out these awesome bonuses!

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

  • My book isn’t finished. Should I wait until it is done before I start?

No, you should start the very minute you think you are going to write a book. This program is not an instant gratification program. There is work involved and a learning curve. The sooner you begin, the more successful your book launch will be!

  • How is this program different than the tele-summits and online workshops?

Most of the online information is put together by experts who teach different aspects of book promo and publishing. This is a step-by-step process with proven results. Each module builds upon the learning from the previous module. The result is a firm foundation to grow not only book sales, but also business.

  • Is this a beginner course?

Absolutely. This course is designed to set up the tools and foundation for your author platform. If you already have all of this set up and it is working and converting, you may be ready for our Launch Like A Pro Program. If you have questions, let’s hop on a call and figure out which program may be the best fit for you. Schedule a strategy session.

  • Between writing a book and family, I have zero time. Can I do this?

Absolutely. I know we are all busy. I recommend one half hour a day be set aside to build your platform. If you start 6- 12 months before your book launch, this is completely doable.

Still On The Fence?

Let me put it this way! 

I wish I had this when I published my first book. Between publishing and untargeted promo, I spent about $7,500. I could kick myself today for the wasted money. Once I learned how to do this for minimal cost, I soared. 

Not only did I burn through thousands of dollars, no one read my book. That hurt was deep. Anger is a great motivator and I learned to do it the right way! 

If you are ready to build a platform and learn to sell books, programs, and services... you are on the right place! 

Here is a recap of everything you will get:

  • 6 Modules designed to help you set up your platform with a solid foundation. 
  • 6 Recorded calls to help with each module. 
  • Lead magnet Workshop to help you create your valuable freebie. 
  • Promotional Planning Workshop so you can plan when you will begin promotion and what needs to be in place before you begin. 
  • Guide to Interaction Book Creation to teach you how to make your book a more personal experience for the reader. 
  • Facebook Support Group you can use to get honest feedback on you book promo. 
  • Facebook Community Building Guide to learn how to build a community around what you teach. 

If you have made it this far…

And you are sick and tired of: 

  • Not knowing where to start when it comes to your book promo and author platform building…
  • Wasting money on tele-summits that teach you information that you don’t know how to implement… 

You are in the right place! 

“I purchased Juliet’s Authorpreneur program because I am a new to the business of writing. Although writing has been a creative outlet for me for quite some time, I’ve just started to go public. Juliet’s program is just what I needed in order to get my feet in this overwhelming arena. The program helped me understand the necessary jargon to get my online business started in the right direction. Time is something I don’t have a lot of so her straight to the point presentations are exactly what I needed. I definitely will be using Juliet’s other programs as the process of my eBook continues.”

Eduardo Martinez, Co-writer/ Contributor Eat, Pray. Love Made Me Do It 

“As an emerging author, this program couldn’t have come at a better time! Needless to say, I learned so much, which I know will have an amazingly positive impact on everything I do as an author from this point forward. From developing the ideal niche audience to planning a well thought out publishing strategy, “Authorpreneur” is the author’s powerhouse for all-things success. I especially like how the program’s mission/catch phrase is “no author left behind.” Investing in this program ensures that you’ll be “in the know” when it comes to the art of being an author. While being a writer is hard work, “Authorpreneur” serves as your guide and can alleviate some of that stress.”

Eva Xanthopoulos, pen name PoetX 

I would like to recommend anyone who has always wanted to write a book and found it either too difficult or too expensive to join Juliet’s program “Author Success Academy” that starts off at the beginning. This program introduces you to the Author Breakthrough Experience then walks you through Branding, Website, Creating Content and engaging in Social Media. Juliet’s support is absolutely amazing and she wants everyone to succeed. 

Sometimes you have an idea for a book and have not really identified your audience. This program helps with that because if the book does not talk to a specific audience it may not be as successful as you had originally thought. 

The one great thing about this program is that it helps keep you on task by asking you to create a set of weekly goals. For someone who already has a business and is on social media this program helps you focus on the tasks at hand. As a single entrepreneur, sometimes working in isolation doesn’t allow for the support that we might have in a team environment. The live calls allow others who are in the same situation to not only give constructive feedback but to share ideas whether it is about writing or technology. The FB group is full of amazing people who are not only a great resource but sometimes offer the support we need as writers. 

I am currently in Juliet’s second program and the content is even more amazing. 

Sandy Moniz