Author Breakthrough Experience

Are you a Writer, Author, or Entrepreneur who is:

  •  Ready to play a bigger inner and outer market visibility game?
  •  Ready to promote your book in a way the actually reaches your audience?
  •  Ready to experience the power of having a clear, compelling vision of the readers you are here to serve?
  •  Wanting to create your ideal reader avatar, but not quite sure how?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then I have a solution for you:  

My Author Breakthrough Experience course. In this course you will experience the power of having a clear, compelling vision of the individuals you are here to serve in order to generate programs and produce raving fan clients who tell the world about the impact of your work.  

After I spent years writing my book and self publishing, I had no idea how to market the book and connect with readers. A friend recommended Juliet's programs. By taking Authorprenuer and Launch Like A Pro, I've learned the skills to get me out in the public eye as an author, a speaker and an expert in my field. I have even learned some of the high tech internet marketing skills needed to thrive in today's market. Juliet is very personable and takes the time to guide you through each facet of marketing.

Sarina Brown 

#1 Bestselling Author of FortyTeen 

4 Core Lessons in this Program

Experience the power of having a clear, compelling vision of the readers you are here to serve 

Your ideal reader is hungry for what you have to share! You have the solution to the problem they have been struggling to overcome. Imagine having readers who can’t wait for your book because you started connecting with them before your book was published. 

Playing a big inner game 

No longer will you be derailed by feelings of fear, doubt, worry, and overwhelm. 

Imagine having a plethora of platforms where you can share your message and garner a following that will help you launch your book. 

Boost your visibility by showing up to your readers authentically 

Juliet will share tools and strategies that will accelerate your message by digging deep into who you are and how you can show up authentically in all of your book marketing. 

Learn to build a reader avatar 

By solidifying your mission and your movement, create a powerful reader avatar that will help you remain focused about who your ideal reader is and who you are connecting with. 

When you complete the Author Breakthrough Experience, you will have: 

  • An understanding of your purpose, your unique message and how that translates into your mission 
  • A crystal clear picture of your ideal clients you can’t wait to serve and who wants to read your book 
  • Knowledge of what comes up for most people during the writing and marketing process and how you can catch it before doubt and fear take over 
  • A deep dive into your values and what you need to take into your book marketing that reflects your values and authenticity 
  • Your mission defined in a way that will leave a legacy in the world that will last beyond your work. 


  • One Niche Clarity Strategy Session with Juliet 
  • Book Promo Planning Workshop  
  • Facebook Mastermind Community