You can’t make a dollar, or a difference if no one knows you exist.

So what’s the key to taking that brilliant work that you’ve poured your heart and soul into and getting it in front of the folks who need it, who want it, who will buy it?



I’m Juliet Clark, founder of Winsome Media Group and I realize that you’re a busy person trying to reach busy people.


That’s why my motto is “No B.S. Business and Book Consulting.” No B.S.

I don’t sell it, and won’t allow my clients to sell it either – because step one to filling your programs or selling your books is establishing authority, trust and credibility.

And these days? Your inbox is probably flooded with well-intended advice on everything you “have” to do to build an audience and promote your work.


Have a blog! Master pinterest! Conquer Facebook ads! Build a list and do it all YESTERDAY!


The truth is, you can tag most of that advice as unnecessary. There are really only a few key pieces you need to start building an audience of raving fans and eager buyers!


Over the years I brought my expertise to corporate clients like Mattel, Nissan, Price Stern Sloan Publishing, and HP Books. While I enjoyed the work, and was good at it, I felt like something was missing.


I realized that what I really wanted to be doing was helping individuals, not corporations, further their success and find fulfillment.


Since then, I have helped more than 600 entrepreneurs and authors share their work with the world and have published more than 60 books, turning more than 190 authors/entrepreneurs into best-selling experts!


Let’s cut through the clutter and get your message across so that you can cultivate your fan base, increase sales, and reach a level of success beyond what you thought possible.


I want to help you tell YOUR story – the story of your book, your fabulous new product, the awesome service you provide – in a way that broadens your audience appeal and builds your fan base effortlessly.


Whether you’re an author or entrepreneur, if you’re looking to build a web platform that will attract attention from audiences both old and new, my team and I can help you get there.


Click here to chat with us. No cost, no strings attached.