You had a vision for your dream business. It’s so clear you can almost taste it! 

You spent thousands of dollars on coaching to learn how to turn your vision into a reality.  

And now? You’re freaking out because you still don’t have a whole lot to show for it! 

Then… I started doing something that dramatically altered my business and drew in all the right clients. 

I built sales funnels. I created a PLATFORM. 

A platform is how you: 

  • Build trust 
  • Create relationships 
  • Demonstrate how and why your program or offering is the best solution  
  • Establish yourself as the go-to expert on your topic 
  • Make the sale! 

I am not going to throw a bunch of BS at you about how easy Internet Marketing is. I’ve had coaches who have actually told me, “You can’t say that… people won’t sign up if they think it is difficult.”  

I call bullshit. 

I had a coach who told me, “Promise them a six-figure income in six months. People will be knocking your door down to sign up.”  

I call bullshit on that too… no one with any integrity can make promises like that. 

So, here’s the deal… the raw deal... Internet Marketing is hard work.  

There are many facets to it and most people stop at the opt- in. Most of those people fail because they don’t understand that personal contact and nurturing builds relationships. 

Relationships close deals.  

If you are only building your funnel to the opt-in… you are literally having a one-night stand with potential clients. You can kiss them goodbye in the morning and never call or write. Or you can be that stand-up partner that nurtures them all the way to the sale! 


But it doesn’t need to cost you another year of your life! 


  • Accelerated Impact is a six-month, laser focused, 100% customized program to build out your funnel and transform your audience from social media followers into clients who are ready to invest! 
  • And it includes 24 one-on-one calls. 

But why should you listen to me?

Because I went from $179 in profit to a whopping $140,000 within a year. Because I have been to HELL and back setting up funnels. My first funnel flopped. Yes, little old action- taker me, flopped. I created an opt-in that I thought was killer. NOT! Let me say that again… NOT! My first drip campaign was a mess. It didn’t convert. Even worse??? I had no idea any of this had to convert. Silly me… I thought I could just set it up and people would come running! Hahahaha…can you believe that magical, no … let me re- phrase that… DELUSIONAL thinking that was going on inside my head?? I was trying to set the whole thing up cheap and had no idea that the funnel needed to be geared towards conversion. I spent a year tweaking the content and reading everything I could get my hands on. There was a ton of material but no one actually told, me how to do it right! Then, I decided what I really needed was a coach, who actually knew, what to do and how to do it right. Once I made that decision, we had my funnel up and running smoothly within a couple of months. Oh… and did I mention… that coach… cost a whopping $3,500 a month? 

From there I soared. Connecting was easier, webinars filled, workshops sold out, books hit the bestseller list, my coaching program was full of amazing doers with a big vision! 

To date, I have helped over 600 entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and speakers build platforms to attract an audience that has allowed them to become bestselling authors, get more leads from the stage, and fill online and in-person events. 

But, all of this didn’t come easy. I started out in the traditional publishing world, where only the cream of the crop authors were published. It was the publisher’s job to make these authors a recognized brand so that the publishing house would make a profit. After publishing, I moved into the advertising world. Not some Mom and Pop place… one of the most prestigious firms in the world where I worked on a billion- dollar account. The kind of place where, boring products are molded into edgy brands you gravitate towards. These two dynamic industries created so many discoveries for me.

First of all, authenticity was a concept far before we all started talking about it. Let me explain…in advertising, brands must KNOW who they are before they run a single ad. They must also KNOW, IN DETAIL, who they serve. Think about that for a moment…Starbucks didn’t launch saying…coffee is for everyone, let’s run ads to every demographic on the planet. No...there was a plan, a target market, and understanding of where these coffee worshippers hung out!  

Next, ever heard of a focus group? We used them in advertising, all of the time. It was an opportunity to talk to people and find out what they liked about our product, what they didn’t like, what the consumer needs and what would make their lives better. Hell, we even asked questions about what sets us apart from our competition. In other words, we created products around the needs and wants of our consumers. We communicated and built relationships and trust. That’s how we kept our consumers happy and they told others about us. Then the Internet and social media came along…and we all started businesses and forgot to ask our consumers what they needed. We just all started creating the products we THOUGHT they needed and then we didn’t understand why they didn’t sell. Hmmmm...

Then, I leapt into the real world and started my own business. Whoa….you would think with all of that experience, I would have crushed it my first couple of years, right? NOOOOOOOO…I sucked. I was doing the same thing that most new coaches and entrepreneurs do…I was looking for the magic bullet that would make my business explode.  

First, I went to a seminar about book writing... For hours, the leader talked about how we were all experts and writing a book would dramatically increase our revenue. Everyone in the room wrote a book. Some of them brought their books to me to publish. You know what happened after all of these new authors published?...Crickets…none of their businesses exploded with new clients. No one bought their books. None of the bestsellers they were promised would propel them to fame and fortune. It was such a disappointment. Many of them sunk thousands of dollars into coaching, publishing, and promotion. Guess what the seminar leader forgot to mention?  

Oh, …that you need to build a platform. That’s when I started really disliking these people who told their clients to write a book and become an expert. For most of these people, the message was to go get speaking gigs now that they had books! Yay! Great idea…except that the book guy didn’t teach them how to put a speaker sheet together or create a signature talk. they were all off to the next coach to teach them how to perfect this skill. I followed right along. I spend over $10,000 learning to perfect my signature speech and sell from the stage. Yay for me and all of my pals from the book world who had books and now knew how to sell them from the stage! But…here’s the deal…selling a $9.99 from the stage, really wasn’t going to make any of us rich. That is when the realization set in that the book wasn’t the magic bullet. 

So, all of these people ran off to create signature programs that they could sell from the stage with their signature talks and books. Wow…what a dynamic bunch they were, right? So, they created programs and systems, and processes and all was good. Not quite…none of this stuff was selling. 

All of these entrepreneurs went in search of the next BIG THING! It was joint ventures. Why? Because if they couldn’t sell their own programs, surely they could convince influencers and big players to do it for them. So, they packed the rooms of big events looking for those big players. However, when they found them, none of them would work with them. Why? Because there was no platform. Because all of the entrepreneurs had been running around, investing in big ticket programs to teach them all sort of amazing, dynamic skills and they still didn’t have a platform. Big players in the JV world want to see big lists, great products that have been tested, analytics, and killer copywriting. But most of all, they wanted to see a huge audience! You know....the audience that would come with a platform build. 

But, here was the even bigger problem….all of these entrepreneurs who were searching for the next BIG thing…had spent a ton of money (and I do mean a SHIT TON) on skills and still had no audience. 

That’s when I became an expert in platform building. It pained me to see my clients suffering after figuring out they had been HAD! 

I want you to walk away with: 

  • A solid understanding of your brand and point of view
  • The exact words you need to communicate your unique value to your customers 
  • A lead magnet that positions you as an expert and entices your ideal clients to opt in 
  • A compelling customer journey and email funnel that leads your customer from curious to invested  
  • A suite of offerings that allows you to enjoy multiple streams of income 
  • An ascension plan that facilitates consistent growth so you don’t have to lay in bed at night wondering where your next dollar is coming from
  • A business model that meets your lifestyle, embodies your values and awards you the freedom you deserve. 

That’s right. At the end of three months, you won’t just know how to run your business, you’ll actually be running it! With all of the tangible pieces in place to automate your marketing and attract clients and sales 24/7. 

Here’s what you’ll get: 

Authorpreneur 101

Social Media That Sells

Launch Like A Pro 

Authorpreneur 101

Module 1

Stepping Into Your Greatness With a Niche Audience  

Module 1 is dedicated to finding who you serve and building your ideal reader avatar. 

Module 2

How Do You Want To Be Remembered in the World? 

Module 2 is designed to take the time to define in detail a branding and marketing strategy which will make you stand out from the competition.

Module 3

Website Wow! Author Sites That Convert  

Any designer can put a site up. The key is finding a designer who knows how to build sites that convert. In order to hire one, you need to know what you need on your site and build it so that your readers use the site as the hub of your movement. 

Module 4

Building Content With Ease

Building content has both an inner and outer game!Learn how to build content with ease and feel good about what you are producing. 

Module 5

Engaging Social Media

Module 5 is all about social media and how to stimulate engagement. Now that you are creating killer content, you need a social media audience to begin building your following. 

Module 6

Fabulous Freebies: The First Step in Building An Unstoppable Following

In Module 6, you begin learning the initial steps to building a marketing funnel for your book launch.

Social Media That Sells

Lesson 1

The Basics

Lesson 1 is dedicated to setting up social media pages and beginning to use your content to gain visibility and connection with your market. No BS, just getting it done.

Lesson 2

The Why’s and How’s of Engagement

Lesson 2 is designed to create understanding about engagement and how to begin the conversation. A REAL conversation, with REAL people on Social Media. YES, you are going to learn to build REAL relationships, imagine that!

Lesson 3

Response Driven Posting

What should I post? My dinner? My opinion? A question that asks for OTHER people's opinions in an effort to get attention? And how do I do it without looking desperate? This Lesson will help you understand how easy posting that sells can be when you know exactly what to post.  

Lesson 4

Creating Community on Social Media

Lesson 4 is designed to build a social media group that is committed and engaged with you and your brand. YES! That is what we want… a group of people who are dedicated to what you teach and who you are. Why do you need this? It is NECESSARY for targeted SM ads. Without targeted SM ads, you are just going to attract crappy leads.

Lesson 5

Simple Strategies Outside of Facebook and Going Viral

Lesson 5 is designed to give you tips for other platforms that you can use TODAY! We also discuss the formula for going viral, YES I will give you the exact formula! Wouldn’t it be awesome to plan your ads and know exactly what you need to spend in order to maximize your leads?

Lesson 6

Social Media Ads and Overview

Lesson 6 is about understanding that there is a funnel that must happen BEFORE you begin ads and the elements of a good ad. Many campaigns stop at the opt-in. Let’s think about that for a moment. you provide a killer lead magnet and then don’t follow-up. That is literally a one-night-stand with a potential client. 

Launch Like a Pro

Module 1

Email List Build

Module 2

Powerful Book Funnels 

Module 3

Lucrative Launch and Implementation

Module 4

Speaker, Speaker

Module 5

Killer Webinars

Module 6

Transitioning Books to Programs and Sales Conversations  

Extra Bonuses

In addition to the three courses: Authorpreneur, Social Media That Sells, and Launch Like a Pro you will get these amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1 Access to a monthly Mastermind Call- Brilliant, seven- figure marketers who specialize in everything from niche audience connection, to branding, to web design that converts, to closing high- ticket sales. (In addition to working on our monthly plans, you get access to our monthly mastermind calls. These are group calls where I bring in seven-figure experts who give you tips on how to build an unstoppable online business.) 

Bonus #2 A monthly implementation call- No BS…just hard work and getting er’ done. We work on the areas you need the most help. (We work on the exact areas where you need help building a funnel. We give you an assessment at the beginning of our work together that tells us exactly where your building needs to begin to be most effective. For some it may be building great content, for others, it may be a killer lead magnet. Where ever you need to begin, we start there Everyone comes into this with different skill levels. 

Still questioning if this is for you? 

Let me help you out there. 

This course is for your if: 

  • You’ve already spent a bunch of money with little results.
  • But you refuse to give up and understand that with one more investment, you could reach the finish line.
  • You aren’t afraid of hard work and total honesty.
  • You are ready to put your blinders on, stop downloading every program or freebie that comes your way and laser focus on your OWN business.  
  • You are ready to take total responsibility for your own results.
  • You understand that true, sustainable success requires work…(This means that you start building and keep building. This is work and may be overwhelming at times. Funnel building is not for sissies. It is a trial and error process that requires analyzing and figuring out where you are connecting and where you are not! No one EVER nails it the first time….not even the experts!)

This course is NOT for you if: 

  • You’ve already given up in your head. 
  • You just want to make your numbers and don’t care who you have to bulldoze to do it.
  • You want me to do all the work for you. I’ll do a lot of it, but this is a partnership (If you are not an action-taker…..this is an action oriented program!) 

This program requires an application, so we can assess your skills and determine if you are the right fit for this type of coaching. We do not accept everyone. We want highly-motivated action takers. (Why? Because if you want results, you must take action. You must slog through when you are overwhelmed and feel resistance. The gold is in the action! No BS means no excuses… become the broker of your own online power.)  

Here is the link for the Client Discovery Session.  

"After I spent years writing my book and self publishing, I had no idea how to market the book and connect with readers. A friend recommended Juliet's programs. By taking Authorprenuer and Launch Like A Pro, I've learned the skills to get me out in the public eye as an author, a speaker and an expert in my field. I have even learned some of the high tech internet marketing skills needed to thrive in today's market. Juliet is very personable and takes the time to guide you through each facet of marketing." 

Sarina Brown , #1 Bestselling Author of FortyTeen 

I found the Juliet’s content so very helpful. The step-by-step guidance was informative and made the process much easier. Learning the importance of content and how to mix with human connection, made this a powerful process. I was trying too hard. Knowing that I can relax and be me when creating content is making all of this much more simple and fun! 

Sharon Bech, Author of Colourful Life- It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Juliet Clark has always been helpful and generous with her information in all areas. She packs a lot of her marketing into easy to understand format. No beating around the bush either, just the information you need to get prepped and ready to start the ball rolling towards achieving a high niche specific audience. 

Chris Pemberton, New Zealand