Annoying Author Alert! Book Bombs

Incoming BOOK BOMB! You see them all of the time: The author who thinks a good marketing strategy is to throw his book promo, much like hand grenades, any place on social media where people will see it explode. Most authors think this explosion will be so powerful that it propels people to buy his book. However, the result is more akin to a dud grenade. The truth is, people are almost always annoyed by this tactic. Bottom line: Book bombing doesn’t tend to convert to sales.

The book bomb method is used by authors who just do not want to put the work in that is required to connect with their niche audience and sell books. Building a community in advance is the best way to spread the word about your book, but with most things, it takes both time and patience.

The first step to building any successful community is determining your niche market and where you will be focusing your effort. This means that you need a solid plan. Is your community based on education? Is it based on solving problems? If so, what specific problem?

Connecting with your community in advance will offer opportunities to ask your audience questions and introduce your book in a way that allows them to feel like they’re an integral part of the process. For example, when your cover design is in progress, this is an opportunity to query which cover is more desirable. Other opportunities can include title brainstorming and even book content if you establish an audience prior to writing your book.

The benefit of establishing your community while you are writing is at pre-launch. The pre-launch allows you the ability to connect that audience to your pre-launch book link and ask them to purchase in advance. If the purchasers provide you with a receipt, send them an e-book before the book comes out, and ask them to leave a review on launch day! This brings your book out with a bang.

No one knows for sure what the algorithm is that Amazon uses, but it does involve verified purchases and positive reviews. If you begin launch day with a solid combination of both, you have a better chance of earning a high ranking.

Are you going to be that book bomber everyone rolls their eyes at or the author who sells books like hotcakes?

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