I hear it all of the time… “I hosted a webinar and only two people showed up!” This is the whimper of newbies who find out (the hard way) the importance of relationship-building and driving traffic for the first time.

Here’s the deal… Most people fail to drive traffic to their books, products, and services because they have no idea how a sales funnel works. For many newbies, they don’t know they need one or even what one is. Let’s be crystal clear: This is not something you learn in a book. Most people don’t learn properly unless they coach with a professional one-on-one.

Here’s the reason why you need a coach… There is marketing at every curve. Copy writing and aesthetic visuals matter. Split testing is a must to gauge conversion and decide which aspects of your funnel are working and which are failing.

While we are on the topic of conversion, this is why analytics are so closely tracked. All of this is work to create the right formulas to maximize engagement. There is a constant need to stay up on trends as well. Case in point, many of the people I spoken to lately want to be taught how to host a webinar. Webinars are so 2016… Multi-part masterclass training’s are the vehicles entrepreneurs are using for conversion now.

So, what about driving traffic?

You need a big list. You also need to connect with other people with big lists to support you and help you grow your list. Where do you find these people? This is where relationship-building comes in. When I first started out, I sought out opportunities wherever I could… Podcasts, bloggers, and social media. My list grew with every exposure. Once my list grew, joint ventures became a possibility. Joint venture (JV) partners also created new revenue streams. With a large list, I was in the position to create income streams from promoting other joint partners. Relationships with partners who had large lists allowed me to increase income streams of my own. The more traffic and promotion on a launch, the more revenue is generated.

The more you build relationships, the faster your list grows. Your list is one of your prime income generators and traffic controllers. Last month, I took a long vacation to Europe. During that time, I promoted two big JV partners. The result is that I put their campaigns on auto-pilot and enjoyed my vacation. Even better? I came back to big checks from running their gigs.

Is your goal to become a traffic controller?