Blogging To Build An Audience

Building an author platform is essential these days. Most authors do not have the basics in place to begin building an audience. The most essential tool in your arsenal is a blog. Identifying your niche audience and producing content is the only way to capture and build a following. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Connecting with people in the right way. This means that you build a relationship with your niche audience. Many writers have author pages or business pages already set up. The problem is that most of the people who are “liking” them are their friends. Friends usually do not convert into book sales or product purchases. Your goal is to connect with the right people who will make purchases.
  2. Authority. By building a niche audience and relationships, you have the opportunity to ask about pain points and provide solutions to solve problems. If you show up and say you are an expert, without being able to help people or solve problems, then you really are not an expert. A note to so-called experts: Actually have a proven track record before you label yourself as such. Recently, a woman asked me to review her book outline. When I commented on a chapter and how wonderful it was that she had this experience and could share it, she told me that she didn’t have experience in that area. What?
  3. Google will LOVE you. Google loves content providers who update frequently. If you are someone who has a blog and posts once in a blue moon, it’s time to up your game. You should be updating content on your website several times a week at the very least.
  4. How are you building your audience?
  5. Many people who set up blogs complain that no one reads them. First of all, audience-building takes time. You are not going to go from zero to a thousand readers in a week. This is where relationship-building comes into play. If you have built a solid following on social media, your email list, or in your community, the building process will be much easier. If you haven’t built any of these yet, it will take some more time. Expect the process to proceed slowly but surely. High expectations kill most blogs because the blogger gives up.

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