Back in 2010, I created a six- figure income from a hobby run amok. I was helping entrepreneurs who wanted to write and publish books build their platforms. It was fun and I enjoyed learning new methods and working with people one-on-one.

Then something happened…I realized that I wanted this to be a full- time career.

That’s when the stress began! In my head, I knew that I had to begin creating content if I wanted to grow. In my heart I had a lot of objections. Some of them felt like this:

  • I have zero time in my schedule for this
  • I have to invest in other areas before I start marketing
  • I have no idea where to begin or if people would even be interested.

The self- chatter was annoying. There were days I felt like these beliefs were crushing my business growth. Then I created a challenge..what if I did this for three months to see how it goes? This is something I do many times when I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on something new. So, that is what I did.

It started with a blog.

Back then, I used to write long blogs and it seemed really cumbersome and no one seemed to read them. Then, I got lazy and started writing short blogs. All of a sudden, I had readers. As cumbersome as it was for me to write a long blog, it seemed that my readers didn’t have the attention span for a long blog. The good news? It was easier to write a small blog every week.

My next challenge was the Call-to-Action at the bottom of the blog and the sidebar on my website.

What could I provide to my blog readers that would add value and pique their interest to subscribe?

Here were some of the things I came up with that worked!

  • Checklists– I created an Authorpreneur Checklist. This one-page pdf became my most- downloaded lead magnet. It took me fifteen minutes to create!
  • Tip Sheets– Another one- page that is easy to brand and send out the door.
  • White Papers– These were great for establishing credibility and bringing in more qualified prospects. Easy to publish.
  • Special Reports– Short reports/ articles that taught my followers how to achieve tasks needed for platform building.
  • Educational Video– Step- by-Step educational tools with actionable tips.

All of these were easy to produce and amazing list builders.


Do you have areas of expertise that you could create easy lead magnets and opt- ins?