So many entrepreneurs are skipping to the monetization part of the program before nailing down the basics. Authors think their book is for everyone. Speakers think their talk is for everyone. Entrepreneurs who develop programs think their programs help everyone. This is why most business people fail with their online presence. Social media is a big, noisy place. If you don’t know who you are talking to and where to find them, you will be the best kept secret in the Universe.

So what is the secret sauce to making connections that will translate to sales?

  1. Who do you serve? Sounds simple right? No! This needs to be narrowed down to precisely who you serve. Most of us come up with a book idea or a product idea. We think that it is sooo amazing that everyone will buy it. We develop the program or write the book and then we decide who it is for. WRONG! When this happens, we end up not selling books because we didn’t connect and find out what people really needed. We write the book that we think they needed. When it comes to attracting clients to our program, we end up exhausted from attracting the wrong clients. During my first couple years in business I thought I served writers. Guess what? I attracted every starving artist on the planet! They all wanted free stuff to make them famous. Wow… talk about having to manufacture mass quantities of fairy dust. These people literally wanted me to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear… for free. You need to build an avatar before you write a single word or build a program, event, or workshop!
  2. Where do you find this mystical audience? Once you identify the demographics and psychographics of your avatar, you find where they hangout. Are they on Facebook or LinkedIn? Do they belong to social media communities? Do they belong to coaching programs or organizations? When you know who you are looking for, it is not difficult to find them. A while back, the Universe thumped me on the head. I was searching for people who were action-takers, who wanted to grow and learn. That bunch of starving artists… They were a bunch of whiners. Not my people! One day, I was speaking at an event and it turned out that every person in the room was a graduate of a particular program. One hundred percent of that room signed up for my program that day after I spoke. I joined their group and my business soared. Once I knew who my people were, they found me!
  3. You found where they are. Now, how will you attract them? Here’s where it always gets a little weird. We have found where our peeps are but, we have to create an environment where they are attracted to what we have to offer. Just because someone knows who we are, doesn’t mean they actually need us yet. We have to prove our value. We don’t prove our value by selling them something before we know them. We have to give them information that is valuable and build relationships. Lead magnets are the perfect bait.
  4. Now that you have reeled them in, what result do you provide? This doesn’t mean sell them something. If more people understood this, selling would be easy. For me, I used to sell people funnels that were done for them. The problem was that I knew that they would be much better served knowing how to do this themselves. This was a hard sell. Buy showing them the advantages of knowing how to build themselves versus having them built, I created long-term value for them.

When they paid to have them built, it was costly and sometimes didn’t work. By knowing how to build themselves, they saved money. When the funnel didn’t work or shifted, they knew how to fix it and where to look to find the problem. That didn’t mean that they had to build the whole thing themselves. What it did mean was that they were able to have someone else build parts of it. That was more authentic because they were more involved and understood the process.

So many entrepreneurs think that all of this is simple. Yet, they don’t take the time to connect with their ideal audience and start building from day one. In the end, it costs them more time and money than they needed to spend to attract their ideal audience.

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