What Is An Authorpreneur?

A strategy that pulls your web presence, planning, audience building, and branding into one organized, implemented plan to monetize your books and programs.


The struggle is real….  authors get really overwhelmed by the process.

The result? A plan that is duct- taped together and barely functions or they quit!


Learn how to:

  • Rock your web presence with a website that has all of the essentials to make you successful
  • Write and post engaging social media that builds an organic audience
  • Build your email list and autoresponder messages that convert
  • Plan your publishing strategy and write for your audience, not yourself
  • Brand yourself in an authentic way that reaches people by solving their pain points
  • Learn how to use VA’s to help you work on your business instead of in your business
  • Stop catering to a local audience and go global with your books, speaking engagements, and other events
  • Utilize money-making strategies that you may not be aware of.
  • Learn how to use the media to help promote you


Are You Ready?

It's Time To Monetize Your Book And Commit To Making Money!

As an emerging author, this program couldn’t have come at a better time! Needless to say, I learned so much, which I know will have an amazingly positive impact on everything I do as an author from this point forward. From developing the ideal niche audience to planning a well thought out publishing strategy, “Authorpreneur” is the author’s powerhouse for all-things success. I especially like how the program’s mission/catch phrase is “no author left behind.” Investing in this program ensures that you’ll be “in the know” when it comes to the art of being an author. While being a writer is hard work, “Authorpreneur” serves as your guide and can alleviate some of that stress.

Eva Xanthopoulos, pen name PoetX

I had my book ready to go to the printer with another publisher. At the very last second they pulled the plug on my project. I was scrambling to find another publisher and fast as I was committed to have the book for upcoming events. Most of the publishers I spoke with wanted to price gouge me and said they couldn’t meet my deadline. Then a friend recommended I contact Juliet at Winsome Media. What a true blessing she has been. Not only are her prices more than fair and affordable but she exceeded my expectations on have the project done. She has even beat my original publisher potential release date. Also most self publishers want you to pay extremely high prices for marketing your book. Juliet does market your book but she takes it further by teaching you how to market your book. So you are not relying just on someone else doing it and paying the high prices. Contact Juliet and Winsome Media for a great self publishing experience and maximize your profit.

Jason Breitenfeld

Author- The Dangers of Drinking and Driving: The Jason Breitenfeld Story

I purchased Juliet’s Authorpreneur program because I am a new to the business of writing. Although writing has been a creative outlet for me for quiet some time, I’ve just started to go public. Juliet’s program is just what I needed in order to get my feet in this overwhelming arena.  The program helped me understand the necessary jargon to get my online business started in the right direction.  Time is something I don’t have a lot of so her straight to the point presentations are exactly what I needed.  I definitely will be using Juliet’s other programs as the process of my eBook continues.

Eduardo Martinez

Co-writer/ Contributor Eat, Pray. Love Made Me Do It



6 In- Depth Modules

The best way to find and test your niche. How to start letting your audience write your material to convert to sales.

Website Essentials

Community Building, & Content Management

Sales Funnel Management and Building an Email List

Understanding How To Leverage Amazon

Getting yourself interviewed by people who will help build your audience.

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Be the Authorpreneur you were destined to be!