Hate is such a strong word! My last campaign, I finally tried the ASK Method with a “Do You Hate Me” survey. The results were fascinating.

I am a big assessment/quiz user. If you have been on my list long, you have probably figured that out. Quizzes and assessments really help on two levels:

  1. Shifting the conversation to goals and weaknesses.
  2. Determining the needs of your consumer.

Let’s address the first one.

Before any talk, webinar, or strategy session, an assessment can shift the focus away from the sale and onto the consumer. It is much easier to talk about the weaknesses in skills that a potential consumer has when they are already aware of them. This goes back to the “you don’t know what you don’t know” principle. You can’t heal or fix a situation unless you are aware of the problem. Consider how defensive we become when someone points out our weaknesses. It is difficult to lose a deal when you’ve just had to tell your prospect that they have deficiencies. Now, consider what it feels like to come to a conversation already knowing that you have discovered areas that need work. You are more open to solutions that meet your “long-term goals.” In other words, the assessment results provide an opening to say yes.

While the first one is important as a biz owner, the second one is even more important. The quiz can be used as a tool to create programs and books. Two months ago, I sent a closing quiz to my latest Launch like a Pro group. I found out that they needed more in-depth training around list-building and writing promotional emails. Because of this feedback, I have added a bonus training to the module on list-building. Without honest feedback, I would have never known. The same happened when I beta-tested the program. The feedback I received was that most of the group was a little confused about the book-launch sequences and funnels. I went back and changed some of the content to make it clearer and scheduled an extra training to make sure everyone understood the concepts.

So, why did I use the “Do You Hate Me” quiz? Because after a promo launch, it is a great tool to find out why people didn’t buy. Because of the name of the survey and the headline on the email, people almost always respond. It is a great way to reformat products to better meet your consumer’s needs and also to make your tribe feel important.

Do you know if your tribe hates you?