Most of us in the Internet world have switched our platforms to mobile compatible. We were forced to update our websites, in order to stay relevant. However, many people did not update their emails to make sure that they were responsive in the mobile environment.

Most of us didn’t realize that there was a distinction between “mobile-friendly” and “responsive” in the email realm. We all assumed that mobile-ready meant that our emails would be responsive. The truth? Mobile-friendly is not always responsive. Most of the time, responsive email is mobile-friendly. So… what’s the difference?

Mobile-Friendly Email

  • Can be fixed width and optimized.
  • Font sizes don’t change dependent upon the screen size.
  • Uses large, thumb-tabbed buttons for calls-to-action.

Responsive Email

  • Queries media to adjust email width dependent upon the size of the display.
  • Font sizes change dependent upon the device.
  • Image-based buttons can be hidden or shown dependently from the email platform.

When producing an email, it is also crucial to keep the length of the email in mind. When using a desktop, an email may appear to seem short because the screen is large. If most of your audience is viewing your emails via a mobile device, they will have to scroll more to read the entire email. For many people, it is not worth the time or effort. Keep important emails short and sweet.

Are you looking at the mobile view before you hit the send button?