The answer is probably NO!

Many entrepreneurs post content on their business and personal pages to get more likes, shares, and recognition. If this is you, there are some truths about Facebook that you need to take a hard look at and adjust your strategy.

  1. Facebook has hijacked your audience. Only about ten percent of those people who liked your business page actually see the content your post. Why? Because Facebook is a business and wants you to pay for the visibility. To counter this and get your content out to the right people you must adapt.
  2. Facebook is NOT your platform. That’s right…all of those people belong to Facebook, not you! With that said, most entrepreneurs do not use Facebook in a way that preserves their content or their “friends”. Think about this as you drive traffic to your content. Provide opt- in’s everywhere you can. Your pages could disappear tomorrow. This means that your content is gone and your following is gone. It has happened to many people and their income has disappeared at the same time.
  3. Use CTA’s (Calls-to-Action) everywhere and invite your fans and followers into your email list. This is the only place that is truly yours. You can deliver the same content with no anxiety about your fans disappearing with an overnight update or mistake on Facebook.
  4. Start a Facebook Group.This is the one place where everyone does see all of your content. Feed the group great content and engage every day. Please, please follow good group etiquette and ask people before you put them into the group. Send an invitation and let them decide if they like the topic. I constantly hear people complaining about being added to a group they are not interested in.

    When you add people you think would be interested, instead of people who are interested, you are minimizing your value and diluting your ability to monetize. You want engaged people in this group to stir up the energy level. Your group is also the place to begin providing content with an invite to your email list.

  5. No Facebook ads without a funnel. This is a biggie! There is no value to running ads unless you are driving traffic to your list. Why drive traffic to a page where only ten percent of the people will see the content. Drive traffic into your lead magnets/ list or your Facebook group if you must run ads.

Using social media and your content to monetize your business requires a clear understanding of what is is you are intending to attract.


How will you position yourself to make money on social media with your content?