Old content is meant to be recycled!

Entrepreneurs complain frequently about the chore and time they put into creating new content. While this is a necessary evil to remain at the top of the expert game, repurposing content is a smart way to reiterate concepts that your audience wants and needs.

Here are four ideas to repackage old blog content:

  • Lead Magnets or Guides: Once you have blogged alt about a specific topic, package those blogs into a step-by-step guide. For example, if you have four or five blogs on using social media, compile them into a downloadable book, “The Complete Guide to Social Media Posting.” This is a great way to provide comprehensive information and build your email list.
  • Write an Expert eBook: Publish this one on Kindle! Books don’t have to be three hundred pages long. Some of my clients have written thirty- page eBooks that have been published to Amazon Kindle. Be sure to add links to your mini book so that buyers can find you to get more expert advice after they finish the book!
  • Newsletters: Re- write some of your blog content into newsletter tips. Be sure and lead your newsletter audience back to the entire blog for more information. You can also write a condensed article in your newsletter using blog post information.
  • Podcast or Video: Audiences learn in different ways. While one person may get a lot of information from reading, another person may be more adept with audio or visual content. Use your blog content to record a podcast or use the information on a slide deck and record.
When repurposing old content, keep it simple and actionable.

Every time you provide your audience with a task that they can use easily and within minutes. They see the value of following you and moving forward with their own goals.


What content do you have that can be repurposed easily?