Most entrepreneurs post passively and wonder why social media isn’t leading to more sales. Most companies focus on a small part of the social media puzzle and leave the rest on the table. Social media is made up of four essential pieces and all four of them are equally important. When most businesses use social media, they only use about 25% of the overall leveraging strategy. That means, they get about 25% of the results as well.

The four parts of social media necessary for sales:

Social Listening– Monitoring and responding to customer service and reputation management on the web. This not only applies to social media. Yelp has become one of the go-to places to keep your eye on as well. Recently, my daughter had a horrible experience with a car-cover company. After a dozen phone calls, where she was treated rudely, she posted a poor review on the company’s Facebook page and on Yelp. Within 48 hours of posting, she had the refund that she had been asking for.

Social Influencing– Establishing authority on social media through content sharing. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of sharing other experts content instead of developing their own. Major mistake. You need to be creating and sharing your won content a couple times a week! Use that great content to entice your following into your email list to nurture the relationship further.

Social Networking– Finding and associating with authoritative and influential individuals and brands. This is important. Most entrepreneurs make this the mainstay of their existence. Don’t fall into this trap! Building your own influence requires building your own authority.

Social Selling– Generating lead and sales from prospects on social media. This requires that you have a sales funnel that you can lead prospects into effectively. Most entrepreneurs have sales funnels that are not fully built out and weak for the purposes of relationship building.

How do you improve upon making social media lead to the sale? Auditing your social media using the four areas of criteria above is the first step. Most entrepreneurs collect testimonials and monitor what people have to say about them fairly closely. They also connect frequently with influencers via social networking. The problem with the influencer strategy is that it leaves you powerless to direct traffic. It is all up to the grace of the influencer.

Where most entrepreneurs fail is in the development of content that boosts their own influencer status and building a strong sales funnel from the content they develop. Without these two components, leading people from social media to the sale is not effective and creating ore revenue.

Evaluating and upgrading your skills is essential to social media engagement and generating more revenue. Where are you doing well and what areas need more improvement?

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