The Disappointing Tale of the Invisible Author

Are you invisible? Do you like that state of mind? Most authors write a book because they have a story to tell or a message that they want to share with the world.


The world is waiting…


Most authors don’t have a clue that they are invisible. They think that if they post their book daily on social media, readers will automatically flock to Amazon to make a purchase. What starts out well-meaning becomes a desperate cry for help. “Pleaaasssseeee buy my book.”


Here are some reasons this happens:


1) Hiding out. This is almost a passive aggressive stance with authors. Please notice me while I hide.

2) Passing the Buck. “It’s the publisher’s fault, it’s the marketer’s fault.” None of the blame is on the author who didn’t prepare.

3) Giving Up. “This didn’t work out the way I intended, so I am going to take my toys and go home. Take that, world! F.U.”

4) Winging It. This means that you read a few articles and declared yourself ready for the publishing world. Just because I looked something up on WebMD, doesn’t make me a doctor. Just saying.


So, what does it take to become a bestselling, visible author?


  1. Being Visible. Get yourself out there and meet people, build relationships, and bring readers to your book. Know how you are different and exploit your unique differences.
  2. Take Responsibility. If your book isn’t selling, it is on you only. There is something you refused to learn or something that you are refusing to do to move yourself forward. Figure out what it is and learn how to do it right!
  3. Be Strategic. Have a plan from the day you decide to write your book. Plan how to build your audience, how to publish, how to market, your budget, and anything else you need to plan.
  4. Never Give Up. This book was your dream or at least an entry-level sales funnel item to improve your business. Don’t give up! Be persistent, tenacious, and never say die!

It’s the beginning of the year, start NOW!