It happened…my sales funnel was set up for my latest campaign. We were ready to go. The lead magnet page was up, the webinar invite followed, the tripwire was an amazing offer. The split test on the two lead pages for the lead magnets were running neck-in-neck. We had two good lead pages for our campaign…Yippee.

Then we started looking at the analytics for the webinar sign-up and tripwire. The opt- ins weren’t going to the next level. Well, that wasn’t good. If we couldn’t get them to the webinar, they wouldn’t hear the product offer. If they weren’t willing to purchase a $27 tripwire, chances are, they weren’t going to spend the money on a larger offering.

Were we going to settle for funnel failure? HELL NO! This is one of the points in a sales funnel that entrepreneurs leave big money on the table.  So, here is the sequence:

  • Lead Magnet
  • Thank You Page for Lead Magnet Sign Up with Webinar Invite
  • Thank You for Webinar Invite with $27 Trip Wire

Let’s talk about the pages for a moment.

  • The Lead magnet is the entry point into our funnel.
  • The webinar is a small commitment step…come join us and learn more. The webinar is also where we provide value and make an offer into a bigger commitment step.
  • The tripwire is a test. For me, I was attracting a starving artist crowd or a crowd that thought they were going to learn all of the book marketing they needed to get to #1 on the bestseller list by attending webinars. (BTW…poor strategy…webinars give you a taste, not the whole enchilada). The test here was to see who was willing to spend money and step into being a serious lead.

Here was our dilemma. If someone signed up for the lead magnet, but not the webinar, we lost the ability to sell anything. This is where Facebook re- marketing came in. By using pixels, we were able to re- market the webinar to those who didn’t sign up. By using re- marketing, we were able to put Facebook ads in front of the people who signed up for the webinar and may have missed the tripwire opportunity.

The result? We brought 25% of the original lead- magnet downloaders back into the webinar after re- marketing to them via FB ads. Remarketing to the webinar signup downloaders resulted in 15% tripwire purchase. We were able to close 10% of the trip wire purchasers into a higher- level product within two months. All they needed was a low-cost taste of the value we provided for them to be “in” on a bigger program. Effectively, we left very little money on the table and brought in about $12,000 more revenue than we would have generated if we just let the re-marketing go.

BOOM! Are you willing to leave money on the table?