Trying To Get Your Book Out To The World and It Feels Like Nothing Is Connecting?

You already have your platform in place and it just isn’t resonating… with anyone?

So you start to think “I need to scrap everything and start all over.” 

And then you want to cry because you have sunk so much time and money into this project… 

Or you might be frustrated… “why does this work for everyone else, but ME?” 

Deep breath. there is help for you! 

There is a group that can help. 

You are probably thinking… like a support group?

The answer is yes! A support group with other authors and monthly education and guest speakers. Guest speakers with help and out- of -the- box suggestions to build your audience. 

By out-of-the-box… I mean, ideas that no one else is using… how is that for getting yourself out of a crowded market and building an audience? 

Have You Ever Wanted To…

  • Market yourself in different ways? 
  • Add hundreds of people to your email list monthly? 
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry? 
  • Feel confident in your ability to effectively market your book
  • Build that audience that will sell your book for you? 
  • Create a profitable (and predictable) book and business? 

And do it in a way that feels good to you? 

If so, you need a strategy that give you more online visibility because books are sold on the Internet! 

So, if you are scratching your head right now and thinking, “but I keep investing in tele-summits, won’t that tell me how to do this?” 

The answer is NO! 

You need solutions that WORK! 

Authorpreneuer Mastermind is for you! This is a group that meets online monthly. Authors from all different levels, coming together to discuss marketing challenges and share how they have overcome obstacles and visibility issues. 

Book marketing is as much about your inner game as your outer game! 

Wait, what did you just say? 

You heard me. 

That is exactly what we talk about inside of the Authorpreneur Mastermind


  • Because visibility in the market place is about your own inner game. 
  • If you have areas of your platform that aren’t converting, you need advice from authors who are converting their platform to readers and selling books. 
  • Because networking with other authors is a great way to learn, build relationships, and get yourself in front of other audiences. 

What is Authorpreneur Mastermind?

Authorpreneur 101 is a monthly call with authors at all levels, helping one another and learning about cutting-edge ideas that no one else is using. 

It’s smart authors working together. 

It’s a strategic way to learn and build an audience. 

It’s fun meeting new authors and comparing notes. 

Best of all… We know it works because authors often feel alone and we are all more productive when we work together! 

Speaking of calls... let me break it down some of our latest calls for you, so you know exactly what to expect! 

  • January 2017: Sunil Bhaskaren- CEO of Meetup Mastermind 
  • December 2016: Gina Hussar- Lead Magnet Workshop 
  • November 2016: Lauri Hand- Tech goddess with tips on how to get the tech done! 
  • October 2016: Melissa Storm- Award- winning and bestselling author on creating author websites that convert readers to fans. 

That’s right! We have a great line up of speakers who tell you how it is done. And the best part, most of them give you an opportunity to work with them to hone your own skills and get better in the areas you need help! 

How cool is that? 

Imagine the unwavering confidence to know that you have an audience who will not only buy your book, but tell others about it! 

Wouldn’t that feel amazing to be able to help the people who need you most? 

To get rid of those feelings of doubt and fear and focus on helping people make their lives better? 

This is not a pipe dream. 

It is the reality of creating an author platform that serves a movement. 

Yes... isn’t that why you wrote your book? 

We even have bonuses for signing up! We will give you three of our recorded Authorpreneur Mastermind calls so you can get even more value! 

  • Bonus: Sunil Bhaskaran- Meetup Mastermind 
  • Bonus: Lauri Hand- Tech tips 
  • Bonus: Melissa Storm- Converting Author Websites 
  • Bonus: Authorpreneur Mastermind Facebook Group