Juliet Dillon Clark was born and raised in Paso Robles, California. She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1984 and pursued a career in Los Angeles. After working in the advertising industry for several years, she became a real estate broker and settled in raising a family in Northern Los Angeles. Much of her fiction writing is based on her childhood memories of the beautiful central coast of California where she grew up.

Her company, Winsome Media Group helps non-fiction writers pen books and build author platforms. The company is also a self- publishing house with extraordinary customer service.

When Juliet published her first book, she found many flaws in the way big self-publishers operated. She designed her company to be a production and publishing company which allowed authors to keep most of their back-end royalties by not marking up the product like the big publishing houses. The result is great customer service and royalty retention.

Juliet is an entrepreneur who has developed several products, coaches, mentors, and is a public speaker. She also has a weekly podcast called AskJuliet where she answers questions from authors and interviews successful authors about their platform building activities.


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