Social media is one of the best tools for meeting potential clients. The problem for most of us is the way we approach people and how soon we sell. Transitioning interested parties from social media to your sales funnel is the most essential practice to sales success. Yet, many online entrepreneurs approach it as a sleazy, scammy venture.

Not long ago, I had one of those ingenuine people approach me. At the time it happened, I realized that someone from the same company approached me in a similar way, a year earlier.







It started out so innocent! A random guy that I barely know on my Facebook feed wishing me a happy birthday with a personal note. It was cool except for the last sentence that made me wonder why this person I barely know is always there for me?

Then it happened two days later… The sales pitch…









  • The original message just became disingenuous.
  • Awkward… Next time I see this person it will be weird.
  • This wasn’t the first person from his company to use this tactic. In 2015, someone reached out to me because she saw on LinkedIn that I was a coach. We hopped on a call and she proceeded to try to sell me amazing supplements for my clients. Epic fail… She didn’t bother to look and see what kind of coach I was and assumed I trained athletes.

Why awkward happens:

  • We reach out to anyone and everyone for attention.
  • We focus on an audience that is too large and disconnected from what we provide.
  • We don’t understand how to build relationships on social media.

To avoid awkward, you need to use social media as a relationship-building tool instead of a transactional tool. Relationship-building with your own tribe that constitutes your ideal client. Most entrepreneurs don’t identify a niche market before they begin posting. That is a tragedy. When a target market is identified and relationship-building is achieved, social media becomes easy.

How can you improve your social media relationships?