Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your exposure and build your platform. Setting up a blog has never been easier. The challenge for most bloggers is building traffic and converting traffic into their email list.

Here are some of the traffic killers:

  1. You don’t post often enough. Frequency is what separates good platform builders from great platform builders. Consistency is the key to building a platform and that includes training your followers to anticipate and expect your next post.
  2. Your post is too long. Make it short and pithy. Readers are busy and have short attention spans. Get to the point quickly and keep it under 600 words.
  3. You don’t invite engagement. Watch your analytics. How many times is it shared on social media? Do you have a funnel built for ads to increase readership? Do you have a next step (invite into your list)? Are people commenting on your posts?
  4. You don’t participate in the conversation. Jump on and reply to all comments. Make time.
  5. You don’t make your content accessible. Keep your sound bites smaller. People are reading more because they must online. Make the content easily digestible. Use bullet points instead of detailing and writing large paragraphs. Make short videos. Leave tips that are short and immediately actionable.
  6. You don’t create catchy headlines. You need a magnetic headline to lead people to the article. If your headline isn’t catchy, readers will pass on the content.
  7. Your first paragraph doesn’t have a hook. If your first paragraph is boring, people won’t continue to read. Have a hook that draws them in!
  8. Stay on message. Make sure that every post is within your brand. Tighter focus leads to more traffic.
  9. Your post is all about you. People are into themselves. Don’t make the post about you. It is great to share stories, but you always need to remember that readers are looking for what is in it for them. Make sure that you include pieces that address your reader’s fears, problems, and concerns.
  10. You do not give them a next step. So many bloggers do not have an opt-in that creates value. They leave the opt-in at subscribe to the blog. You want to give your audience an opportunity to step into a bigger commitment level in the form of a lead magnet so you can bring them into your list for more nurturing.

How are you going to increase traffic?

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