Remember, the social media platforms you are posting on do not belong to you! If that platform went out of business or changed algorithms, you could lose your entire following.

Case in point, one of my friends who shops books for publishers was getting most of her business from her Facebook business page. There was plenty of engagement going on daily on her page. Then, Facebook decided to promote the use of groups instead. The algorithm changed and the business page contact became obsolete. The page owner could no longer see who liked her page. She lost over one thousand likes overnight. If she had transitioned these people to her list, she would not have lost contact.

Here is what happens when you don’t use a funnel:

  1. Your audience is not YOUR audience.
  2. Revenue streams can dry up because you lose communication.
  3. No prospects to launch programs, events, books, etc.
  4. Low performance for those who do purchase because they haven’t been nurtured. You do not end up with your ideal clients.
  5. The conversation dies because you have no feedback.
  6. Relationship-building stops or becomes stuck while you rebuild.

The Secret Sauce Is Inside Your List

Your email list is a company asset, as well as a place to nurture and provide intimacy with your prospect. Knowing how to set up drip campaigns that inspire is key to nurturing. Once a prospect has completed a drip sequence, it is important to tag them into the main list for future correspondence. This also highlights the need for a good email autoresponder with an extensive tagging system. Every campaign will have a series of “what ifs” on the back end and your system needs to be set up with tags that keep the conversation going.

Future correspondence needs to be frequent. Studies show that once a week is a good guideline. If you email more, people feel spammed. If you are sporadic, the people in your list do not feel appreciated. There is nothing worse than opting into a list and then not receiving an email for several months. Then one morning you open an email and find that person or company trying to sell you something. You consistently need to provide value to your list!