Do people really want to improve?

This is a question that comes up daily when I am talking to clients about writing their books and producing programs. As entrepreneurs and non-fiction writers, our passion is helping others. Yet, what we don’t always connect with is the possibility that not everyone wants to improve! This brings us to why we need to connect with a niche audience that is motivated to improve and has the purchase power to buy programs, products, and services.

Let’s explore some of the reasons people do not connect with self- improvement offers.

  1. Self-Awareness. You don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes the people we are trying to connect with have no idea that they have an area of their lives that isn’t working. Case in point, last week I spoke to someone who doesn’t understand why his platform isn’t working. He is spamming people because he doesn’t understand how to use social media correctly. After an extensive conversation, he decided that he wanted to stick with what isn’t working. Just this morning, he spammed one of my posts with his program. He doesn’t get it and he won’t until he becomes painfully aware of what is not working.
  2. Improvement is Difficult. Breaking old patterns and bad habits requires practice. In many scenarios, it also requires setting new boundaries that will create changes for other people as well. When you change and those around you don’t, it can create drama. Those people like your old behavior because it serves them. This creates obstacles and many times pain, in order to change. Look at New Year’s resolutions… How often do these changes become lifetime habits? Not very often, because it gets too hard within a couple weeks.

  3. Motivation and Desire. It is rare to find a client who will commit and stay motivated. Life happens and we suddenly see our motivation fade as well. There has to be a significant amount of pain and determination to overcome pain involved to remain committed and motivated to achieving desire.
  4. Past Decisions. “This didn’t work last time I tried it. Why will it work now?” People allow past failures to get in the way frequently when they are attempting to make changes in their lives. In order to say yes to the principles of a new program or book, they have to admit that they were wrong in the past. This is tough and the main reason that we need to be in a position to validate those past failures to help them move into a shift to a better life.

It is imperative as an entrepreneur to connect with your target audience before creating and writing anything. In order to write great copy to sell a book, program, or service, you will need to be aware of what holds your tribe back from saying yes and purchasing.


What is your audience’s biggest obstacle to saying yes to what you have to offer?