For many, platform building is a random endeavor. Your intentions are good. You want to post daily and provide your followers with the best experience possible. The problem is that most of the time, life and business get in the way of those good intentions. Social media must be planned and executed consistently to be effective.

To accomplish your social media goals, there must be a plan. Random posts, without intention or direction will not be effective. The use of an editorial calendar can eliminate the consistency problem. An editorial calendar is a daily schedule of posting that is put together in advance of the post. When I say advance, I mean a month or two in advance. This is the method that most successful entrepreneurs use to keep posting consistently and on topic.

The calendar that my company uses is always 30-60 days in advance of the posting date. To make this an easy process, coordinate the social media plan with your yearly business plan. In October, of the previous planning year, I sit down and decide what the theme will be for each month. This is easy since I already know which products will be launched throughout the year.

Once monthly topics are in place, begin planning the blogs, tips, and videos that will be produced months before they will be published. Why? Because it is easier to give yourself the time to get them done to keep your content delivery consistent. Producing content early frees up time to spend in other areas of social media. Specifically, assessments, lead magnets, engagement, and funnel nurturing. Spending your social media capital on these items will produce far more results than anything else you do.

Assessments Tools to shift the focus from “look at me” to “look at you.” These are important both on social media and inside your funnel.

Lead Magnets – Valuable chunks of content that raise your visibility and credibility.

Engagement – Time in your schedule to have social media conversations and get to know your audience.

Funnel Nurturing – Using tools and spending time inside of your sales funnel to turn a cold audience into a warm audience.

When you engage in these activities, you are building relationships that will turn into sales and build your client base.

What can you do today to begin?