Creating Social Media Content That Connects

Finally the truth about how to make money from social media (you're on it anyway, you might as well cash in and turn your following into paying clients!)

Creating Social Media Content That Connects 

What you need to do RIGHT NOW to convert your audience into clients

In this quick start guide you will learn the four key steps to turn your social media audience into paying clients. 

  • How to Turn Likes into Sales
  •  3 Blunders that kill your social media communication 
  •  How to Start a Conversation that Converts
  •  How to keep the conversation going all the way to a “yes” to your product. 
  • 100% Secure.

Discover why likes and shares don’t translate into more clients. Entrepreneurs, like us, look to social media to bring us more visibility and to increase the amount of people we can serve. However, many times, we follow the advice of “social media experts” who are still selling social proof as the gold standard, when we are looking for clients to impact and share our message.

About Juliet Clark

For the last 20 years, Juliet Clark, founder of Author Success Academy, has helped hundreds of authors create successful book and program platforms. Her goal is to teach authors how to be aligned in the marketplace and leverage their books, products, and services into deeply satisfying businesses. Juliet helps her clients reach a new re-aligned vision and experience in business they truly love.