Yes, it is only November but, NOW is the time to start building out your 2018 content calendar.

Many authors, coaches, and speakers don’t understand the long-term value of building their own content. Social media posts consist of sharing other experts content or not posting content at all. The truth is that without your own content, you won’t be able to establish yourself as an expert and build an audience that loves who you are and what you do.

A content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar is a plan. Planning your content calendar for the next year is as simple as breaking down content into monthly themes and writing the content. If you are a business that posts on social media, this means that you produce a weekly blog, some tip posts, and ask questions. The most difficult part of this equation is staying ahead of the calendar. That is why your begin writing the content for 2018 now.

A typical schedule for my own company includes writing the content two to three months in advance of the posts.

Here is what you should include every week:

  1. Blog- This doesn’t have to be a huge writing experience. Most people have short attention spans. Keep it between 400-600 words and chocked full of valuable information. Always post with an image.
  2. Engagement Day- Create a day every week when you ask a question to create engagement. My company’s version of this is “Talk it up Tuesday”. Create a banner with your logo so this becomes a recognizable post. Be sure to comment and engage throughout the day as people answer the question.
  3. Weekly Tip- Always offer an informational or actionable tip. The more actionable, the better. If followers see immediate results, they will become big fans.
  4. Video Training- Either jump on Facebook live or record a training and post. If you set up a lead page around this, you can provide links for previous trainings as well.

The point of your content calendar is to have content ready to post. If you can afford a virtual assistant, you can hand off the content and an organized calendar to be posted as scheduled.


Is 2018 going to be your year to be visible with great content of your own?