Last month, I had the most startling revelation. I was at an event speaking and one of the participants asked for my power point slide deck. At first I said no. I was at an event a day later and mentioned this to someone I respect and said, “Can you believe that guy?” His response shocked me. He said, “Why wouldn’t you give it to him?” What?!

He asked me why I didn’t want to give it away. My first response was, “What if he copies it?”

I have had people copy my work before. That was a silly fear. Here’s why: I developed the content and the reality of the situation was that no one was going to be able to deliver it like I do. I give away lead magnets all of the time, so what was my hold-back about the slide deck? Silly, right? Here’s the deal, the most successful entrepreneurs give it all away. Why? Because they are always learning and will create something new.

Here are some possibilities for lead magnets and giveaways that will give away some of your best material for free!

  1. Free samples of your product. A couple chapters of your book, a song from your album, a recording from your program. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Ebook or special report. This is one of my favorites. Valuable information in exchange for an email address. This can be as short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t forget a next-step offer on the last page.
  3. Free copy to bloggers in exchange for a review on their blog. The days of blog tours are over because of Amazon’s rules about bloggers posting reviews. However, if a blogger has a large following, it is still worth your time to ask if they will share their product with their audience.
  4. Bonus free stuff to people who buy your programs. This is part of my sales pitch. Buy my Social Media That Sells program and get the Entrepreneur Breakthrough Experience free.
  5. Offer free tickets with ticket purchases. This is a common practice for events. If you buy an event ticket, you get a ticket at a reduced price or free if you bring a friend.
  6. Offer a free Mastermind Group to anyone who purchases a program. We do this on all of our group and one-on-one programs sales.
  7. Offer a free webinar or seminar and sell your products at the event. Another favorite of mine. I always make a product pitch on my webinars. Every time I have a new product, I make the pitch at my free Meetup group.
  8. Give tips on FB live and lead viewers to your products. This is a new way to share. Take advantage of it.
  9. Use FB Bots to give away tips. Another new way to give away free things and show you are on the cutting-edge of tech.

Don’t be afraid to give your information away. Most people will have no idea how to implement it without you. Count on that!

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