If you are building a platform, you probably have a blog or a vlog. You are building your authority and credibility, so why not make a little money along the way?

So, before you shake your head and say, “I am not going to be an affiliate marketer,” there are few ways that you can sell on your blog and keep all of the profits! How? Sell your own low-cost products. My weekly blog utilizes this strategy in three ways.

  1. Selling a beginner program. Is there an entry point to what your following needs? For my audience, it is deciding on a niche audience and clarifying their message. Most authors, coaches, and speakers approach this in a haphazard manner. The audience they are trying to reach is too large and their message sifts because it isn’t getting through to the huge audience. We provide an entry-level $27 program to get people started.
  2. Sell an eBook. Beginners who don’t know where to start building a platform love a free book. It can be super overwhelming for beginners to jump in and begin the process. Make it easy to know where to begin and offer a low-cost eBook. Make sure it is appropriately priced. Also, at the end of the eBook, be sure and add a next step for your book buyer to take. Sometimes beginners need to be lead to the next-step product.
  3. Have a lead magnet available. Always have a free, list-building CTA on your blog page as well. While this is isn’t a direct money-maker, it is a long-term money-making strategy. People begin to follow your content via your emails and when it comes time to promote new products and programs, your list will be the first to buy and spread the word about your products.

Sounds easy, right? It is once you have sales funnels built around your blog and these products and services. Then, it is time to run social media ads for your weekly blog. That is where the magic happens.

Which strategy will you add to your blog TODAY?

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