One of the best ways to communicate with your audience is through storytelling.

Whether you are telling your story through your drip campaign, sales pages, landing pages, or speaking, your story is an important tool because it works! A good sales campaign/funnel to launch your book creates the story around why you do what you do and how you became the expert you are today.

Authors often write their story in their book but forget to tell the story when they market their book. Telling their story while they build an audience piques the interest of the audience, not the other way around. Followers want to know why they should follow you and buy your books, products, and services. Asking someone who doesn’t know anything about you before you ask for the sale hardly ever works.

There are six basic storylines that writers and copywriters use over and over to connect with audiences. The key to effectively telling your story is knowing which storyline to use. Here is a recap of those storylines:
  1. Us vs. Them: This type of story is used to create polarity. These stories are crafted around “you are with us or against us.” I use these stories in my work when I talk about entrepreneurs who write their books to establish themselves as experts vs. those who are experts who want to write a book. These groups have distinct differences in the way they approach their book publishing and book marketing. In my world, we want to work with the latter because they understand how the power of good marketing works with their business and their book.
  2. Before and After: These are stories of transformation. Before I embarked on this journey I was (fill in the blank). After I completed the journey I was (fill in the blank). This is a powerful storyline when you have tangible results that people can visually or emotionally connect with.
  3. Loss and Redemption: This is a storyline that is powerful when you have been knocked off of your feet and learned a lesson that helped you transform a part of your life. This is the story of struggle that you see in most movies. We resonate with this story because all of us face challenges and obstacles in life.
  4. Amazing Discoveries: Life is full of wonder. Sometimes through our journey we find unbelievable success without much effort and we want to share that with others. This storytelling technique helps people believe that you have found the answer to their problems.
  5. Testimonials: Sharing the success that other people have had with your systems and products is powerful. It is even more powerful when you have them on video.
  6. I have a secret: Who doesn’t love a secret? Humans are curious creatures and we want to know the secret sauce that makes someone else successful.

Creating great stories can be the difference between attracting an audience and repelling an audience.


Does your story inspire others to follow you?