Last month, I saw a new Internet marketer make an announcement that had me feeling really sorry for her and how naive she is about Internet Marketing. She created a free meditation and a Facebook group. Then she announced that you could come and get the meditation for free and no opt-in. She wasn’t going to be one of those entrepreneurs who sent you emails all of the time. Just come get this piece of content for free, join her group, and she will love you up. I shook my head and wondered how she would ever monetize. I have been there and done that… It doesn’t work.

You have to work with the traffic that you own in order to be able to monetize. If you work with traffic you don’t own, your sales will be random.

I remember the day my friend Randy came to me panicked about her Facebook business page. Facebook began promoting FB groups as the next big trend and changed the algorithm on business pages. Until that happened, Randy had over one thousand engaged followers on her business page. She could reach out and connect with the people who liked her page and have conversations that led to relationships. Then, the algorithm changed and she no longer had visibility to connect with her followers. This was devastating to her business.

This was also the day that Randy began working with our company to build a funnel to start cultivating her own traffic that she had control over. Traffic that she could build a relationship with and no one could ever take away. A painful lesson learned.

What is the difference?

The Traffic You Own

This is your email list. Your email list is your venue to allow you to nurture and build trust with your followers, clients, and customers. This is the best kind of traffic because no one can take it away from you and you can communicate with this group any time you want! A weekly blog post, assessments, inner circle launches, tips, special offers, etc. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to rely on Google or Facebook to build rapport or a distribution channel. These are your people! Your list is your business gold and your money maker.

The Traffic You Don’t Own

Social media is traffic that you do not own. I hear stories over and over from entrepreneurs on social media who have lost traffic because of algorithm changes or worse yet, their profiles are deleted due to some sort of perceived offense on social media. The goal of every entrepreneur who uses social media is to convert this traffic into traffic you own. This is why it is so important to drive traffic into your list using a Call-To-Action (CTA).


How much traffic do you really own?