There is nothing more demoralizing than waking up and finding that you have been living in a dream world. That is really where most authors, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs live when they plot their strategy for global domination.

For years, I wanted to have a global business. I actually blurted it out one day at a networking meeting that I was attending. My mastermind question was, “How do I get a global audience?” What ensued was a table of blank stares looking at me like I had lost my mind. It was right then and there that I knew I was wasting my time and not scaling my talent.

The journey to having a six-figure business was brutal. The learning curve to sell more books was steep. Once I committed to attracting a global audience to buy my books and services, the global audience arrived within a month. I had a client in New Zealand and one in the U.K. within a month. I finally thought that my Internet marketing and social media skills hit pay dirt. I was wrong!

So here’s the deal… Do you know what most of those authors who are coaches who actually got to six- and seven-figure income from their books, products, and services have that you don’t? A platform. Now before you say, “But I have a website and a social media account,” consider that is not enough in today’s market.

Here is what those successful people know that you don’t:

  1. A website is often nothing more than an expensive online business card. It looks nice but most successful Internet marketers don’t use their website for serious marketing.
  2. A thorough understanding of Internet marketing is REQUIRED. Most entrepreneurs think that because they have an opt-in on their site, they are marketing. The truth? Without fully built out funnels, opt-ins with triggers, actual drip campaigns (yes, multiple), you are not in the Internet marketing game.
  3. Social media ads are worthless without a funnel.
  4. There is no magic bullet. You must learn how to build funnels and build them well to drive traffic anywhere on the Internet.
  5. Your email list is gold! You must build it, nurture it, and be able to use it to launch any book, product, or service.
  6. Relationships must be built online to be successful. No one buys from someone they don’t trust.
  7. None of this happens in a day. In fact, if you are writing a book, you need to begin a year before you publish. Yes, a good year. Your list is the key to launching to #1 on Amazon. Your list is the key to filling your programs.
  8. Technology and copywriting must either become your friend or you need to hire someone to run it for you.

Resistance to learning how to fully engage on social media and transition those people into your email list is the kiss of death. For most authors, they bank on the world discovering them without a solid digital presence. Wake up and smell the unicorn farts. It doesn’t happen! There is truly nothing more disappointing than planning an event and no one showing up. There is nothing more soul-crushing than spending months or years writing a book and no one buying it.

Here is the no-bullshit tip that no one wants to hear. No one succeeds with Internet marketing in a big way without coaching. People with a big vision, invest in themselves. The big question is: Are you going to be successful or are you going to sabotage your own success with magical thinking?

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