Engagement is the key to being able to connect with your ideal clients on social media. Most people think likes and shares constitutes engagement. Real engagement is two-way communication. In other words, comments and discussion. If you are on Facebook, this becomes important because this platform weighs posts with comments more heavily than post that do not.

Posts that require little or no thought and are interesting will get the most responses! Why? You have about eight seconds on social media for people to look at your post and decide whether to respond or move on. That’s it! Ask easy, simple-to-answer questions. You may learn many things about your audience that you had no idea was going on in their heads.

Try this to get comments:

Place two images side-by-side and ask:

  • A or B?
  • Yes or No

Invite the responders to expand on their answers and let the fun begin!

Here are some examples to help you get going!

  • Real Estate: Which house has better curb appeal? A or B? Show two homes (make them your listings!)
  • Authors: Hey, I am designing my book cover. Which one do you like better? A or B? Show them both covers.
  • Clothing Stores: Which do you like better? A or B? Show them two pairs of shoes. Or maybe, show a blouse… Would you wear this? Yes or No?
  • Do you have a social media business page? Yes or No? If yes, please share.
  • Do you have a niche audience? Yes or No? If yes, who do you serve?

You can even use this method to get a better idea what your clients need from you.

  • Hey tribe, I am putting together a new topic for an upcoming talk. What do you need the most help with? A) Social Media or B) List Building. Choose A or B.
  • Hi all, which kind of learning programs do you like better? A) Download, work at your own pace or B) Learning modules with Q& A calls?

The possibilities are endless and you can use this as a conversation starter. It’s that simple!

Try it today, and don’t forget to take my Social Media IQ Quiz here!