Why Your Facebook Strategy Isn’t Working

Facebook 101 for authors: You must have an author page. If you have a business, you must have a business page as well. We all have them and remember the classes we took or the experts we hired that promised us these pages would make us a ton of money and give us visibility. After all of the hard work to set it up, nothing happened. What did you miss? The short answer is engagement. You missed the part about how to post, what to post, and where to post.


Where to post involves how you are going to engage and why. If you are someone who wants to educate, a business or author page may not be the place for you to be building a following. Your ideal place is a community. That does not mean that you go back and designate your page as a community. A community is a group where you are the leader and provide great information two to three days a week. So does that mean that your business page is dead? Yes and no. Your business page should be where you update and run ads. The main problem with business pages is that most of them were started when social proof was your number of likes or shares. This is no longer the case. Your business page is where you run your targeted ads to bring your niche market to you. Chances are, if you started your business page a few years ago, you have followers comprised of friends, not your niche audience.


Social proof has moved solidly into the area of engagement. That means that you are talking to and having conversations daily with your followers. That is where the educational or informational component falls into place. If you are the leader, you need to provide content to your following on a regular basis that starts the conversation and keeps it going. Inside of a community, this can be done in the form of blogs, podcasts, events, and any other platform-building tool that you are using. Content is easy if you know how to prepare and deliver. Your community is also where you provide opt-ins and let people know that you have strategy sessions available.


What are the benefits of having a community?

  1. Establishing yourself as an expert.
  2. Building a niche audience.
  3. Bringing your niche audience into your sales funnel.
  4. List-building opportunities.


Is a community a lot of work? You bet, but the rewards outweigh the workload. All content you produce can be repurposed in various ways. Once your content is created, you can build downloadable programs, eBooks, workshops, and much more.


Are you going to engage or are you going to look at FB through rose-colored glasses?